The Water-to-Go system

Unique 3-in-1 filter technology

Our unique
filter system

The filters in our BPA-free water bottles are based on a technology that was originally developed for the space programme.

They remove up to 99.9999 % of all impurities contained in the water. 

The difference to conventional water filters

The Water-to-Go filters use 3 unique technologies that are extremely different from "normal" filters.

Instead of gluing the filter into a block as usual, we integrate it as a membrane to avoid efficiency losses.

Our two other technologies work like additional filters, making safe water possible.

Unlike other activated carbon filters, which only remove sediment and some substances, Water-to-Go improves the safety of drinking water and removes additional substances:

  • Metals, including lead and chromium
  • Hazardous chemicals, including "VOCs" (volatile organic compounds) and fluorides
  • Disease-carrying bacteria, e.g. E. coli, cholera and typhoid fever
  • Disease-causing viruses such as hepatitis A and Norwalk viruses
  • Potentially deadly parasite eggs (known as oocysts) such as Giardia lambliaIn. In addition to the nanotechnology used in our filters, activated carbon is also used.

The technology of our filter

Our unique 3-in-1 filtration technology uses a combination of nano-alumina together with activated carbon and other filtration ingredients to enable this amazing process. 

The nano-aluminium oxide emits a positive charge when wet and attracts the negatively charged impurities in the water, including protozoa, bacteria and viruses. 

This revolutionary process ensures that every drop of water is safe, healthy and tastes great. A filter that really does what it's supposed to do.

3 in 1 nano technology developed for space travel

Mechanical filtration - An additional layer with a further technology. Glass fibre strands with tiny hairs on the surface that stand up on contact with water. The result: the pores of the filter are further narrowed and microbiological impurities are filtered out. (1/1000 of a hair)

Electrical charge Most harmful elements in the water are negatively charged and thus attracted by a positive charge within the filter and retained inside the filter. Positive elements, such as magnesium, are retained.

Activated carbon filtration Conventional carbon filters are glued together with adhesives (which significantly reduces the efficiency of the filter). Our carbon filters are made of micro-carbon strands. The pores of our filter are 20x smaller. The result: much stronger elimination of bad taste and odour than other products.

Laboratory tested by specialists on 4 continents

Water-to-Go filters have been independently tested to internationally recognised standards by industry specialists such as the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK), BCS Laboratories (USA), Bangalore Test House (India) and IMI (China) and have been proven to eliminate up to 99.9999% of all contaminants.

Activate the filter

Step 1:
Fill the bottle.

Step 2:
Leave to stand for 15 minutes.

Step 3:
Drink directly.

When you use a new filter for the first time, you must activate itThis is very simple. Follow steps 1 - 3. The filter is activated by the water (regardless of the source) and needs approx. 15 minutes to be completely completely soaked

After 15 minutes, open the cap, press the bottle gently and simply pour away the first water that comes through the bottle (until it is clear). This rinses the filter. Don't worry, even if you drink some of it, the cloudy colour comes from the carbon filter and is not toxic.

If the filter has been standing for several days/weeks/months and is completely dry, reactivate it in the same way.