Water to Go

Provide access to safe and clean water - anytime, anywhere

The founding story


During a business trip to Mauritius, I saw with my own eyes: the toxic wastewater from a textile production facility and all the employees' empty plastic drinking water bottles were dumped into a collecting basin behind the factory.

When I asked the owner what would happen to it, he replied indifferently: "Nature will take care of it".

That was the moment when I knew I had to act - for the environment and for our future.

Our milestones



Founded in England in 2010 by Dave Shanks.
In 2021, Water to Go changed
its name to Water to Go international.



There are distributors for Water to Go in 43 countries.

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Safety through filters

Water to Go filters are laboratory tested. Up to 99.9999% of impurities, bacteria, viruses and much more are filtered out of the water.

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Replaced plastic bottles

Our Water to Go
drinking bottles have already
über 200 000.000 (Mio)
plastic bottles

Our vision & mission

Everyone in the world needs clean, contamination-free water to survive. At Water-to-Go, we want to give the world safe, clean water.

Our technology is simple and easy to use. We want to help fight the most terrible waterborne diseases.

At the same time, we can help to minimise the environmental damage caused by single-use plastic bottles. 

We work together with organisations that share our goals. Together we can change the world step by step.

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Our solution

Water-to-Go offers a solution to two of the world's biggest problems:

Access to clean, safe drinking water and pollution from single-use plastic.

The realisation that there is a technology that can provide clean and healthy water almost everywhere and at the same time reduce environmental damage was the motivation to found the Water-to-Go brand and the company.

Some of the projects we support: